Roll Call: Rep. Elijah Cummings on Trump oversight: ‘We’ve got to hit the ground flying’

Rep. Elijah Cummings, the new chairman of the House Oversight Committee, stressed in a TV interview Sunday night the urgency of investigating President Donald Trump.

“There’s so much [to investigate],” Cummings said on “60 Minutes.” “We’ve got to hit the ground not running, but flying.”

With his new gavel, Cummings will be able to compel testimony and subpoena documents on a range of issues, including whether the president has used the highest office in the country to enrich himself.

“The average citizen, the guys on my block, they ought to know whether the president is making a deal in his self interest, or that of the country,” the Maryland Democrat said.

Cummings chastised Republicans for blocking subpoena after subpoena when they led the committee in the last Congress.

“Have you ever gotten anything?” the interviewer asked.

“Zero,” Cummings said, making a zero with his hand. “Republicans have become the defense counsel for the president.”

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