My Life’s Work

My Life’s Work


“A good public education transformed my life.  It is every child’s right and my top priority.”


“Our national economic policy should work better for working families.  To become a more prosperous nation, is a goal that we must work together to achieve.”

Health Care:

“Universal access to affordable, high-quality health care is a necessity, both morally and practically, and it should be a fundamental American right. I will defend The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act as an important first step towards accomplishing this goal.”

Foreclosure Prevention:

“Watching my parents purchase a home for our family empowered my life. I will continue to fight for every family’s ability to buy and preserve their own home.”

Our Environment:

“Clean water, clean air, and a restored Chesapeake Bay are the sources of both our public health and prosperity. I am proud to be a leader in this fight.”

Protecting & Respecting Seniors:

“Social Security and Medicare are solemn generational promises that we have made to our seniors. We care for those who have cared for us – and I will continue to do everything within my power to keep those promises.”

Small & Minority Business:

“Small businesses are the backbone of our country. We need to make sure we have effective and efficient policies that help business owners thrive.”

In the District

In his early years as a Congressman, Congressman Cummings focused on education, crime prevention, and health care.

He expanded Internet access to public schools in his district to help advance learning.

As a co-chair on the House AIDS Working Group, he authored the HIV Prevention Outreach Act of 1997, thereby slowing the spread of AIDS within communities.

To prevent domestic abuse, he worked with other Congressmen in sponsoring the pivotal Violence Against Women Act of 1999 and went on to co-sponsor the Traffic Stops Statistics Study Act with the intent of holding law enforcement accountable for unwarranted harassment based on race.

Most recently, Congressman Cummings has concentrated his efforts on protecting Americans from the housing fallout and foreclosure crisis.

In June 2013, the House passed the National Defense Authorization Act with an amendment introduced by Congressman Cummings, which was designed to expand home foreclosure protections for service members, veterans with disabilities, and their families under the Service Members Civil Relief Act. The passing of this legislation symbolized the culmination of a two-year investigation by Congressman Cummings into illegal foreclosures affecting service members.

Congressman Cummings’ impact is felt far beyond the halls of the Capitol. He serves on numerous boards and commissions and frequently engages and challenges America’s youth to push for a better future.He continues to advocate tirelessly on behalf of his constituents.

In eleven terms as a congressman, he has served as a beacon of hope for a better, stronger future for all.