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In 2016, the cost of prescription drugs increased by 11.3%. To give you an idea of how disproportionately high this is, consider that wages only increased by 2.9% in 2016. This is a problem that continues to bedevil our health care system. Over the past few years we’ve seen drug companies raise the prices of […]

One of the cruelest provisions in House Republicans’ tax plan is the elimination of the the medical expense deduction. A small portion of Americans take advantage of this deduction — but they are a vulnerable segment of the population. For many of them, the medical expense deduction is a lifeline that keeps them from falling […]

The Framers of the Constitution didn’t write the First Amendment as a suggestion. They were establishing a foundational principle they believed would help our new nation defend itself from a tyrannical government. Ever since President Trump’s candidacy for President, he’s displayed a chilling disregard for the First Amendment. He called for ESPN to fire one […]

Over the last ten years, prescription drug prices have risen at an alarming rate. As Americans have struggled to afford lifesaving medications, pharmaceutical executives have raked in bigger and bigger profits. Justice Department concluded that Mylan’s price hike of EpiPens resulted in the government being overcharged by as much as $1.27 billion in Medicaid reimbursements. […]

Election registration deadline is Tuesday Important deadlines for the Nov. 8 presidential general election are approaching at 9 p.m this Tuesday, Oct. 18, the final day to register to vote, update an address and request an alternate polling place. Maryland residents who are eligible to vote, but are not yet registered – including 17-year-olds who […]